Odell Beckham Jnr trains with Brad Friedel

Odell Beckham Jr and Brad Friedel

Odell Beckham Jr. became an instant Internet sensation with his one-handed wonder catch against the Dallas Cowboys in November. Brad commended the skill of Odell saying “I’m impressed when these guys catch anything, especially when they run across the middle with guys coming to smash you. I don’t think people understand how big the guys are that play NFL.”

Beckham Jr was put to the test in goal, trying to catch a different kind of football than the one that he is used to catching. His leaping one-handed catches are not limited solely to gridiron, it seems.

Brad Friedel and Odel Beckham Jr
Image source Dave Shopland

Beckham Jr says “Usually one-hand catches are reactive”. Perhaps Brad’s 310 Under Armour goalkeeping glove can give Beckham the edge in the new season.

Brad Friedel
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Brad Friedel was joined by DeAndre Yedlin and Emmanuel Adebayor to put top NFL stars Odell Beckham Jr. (NY Giants), Lawrence Okoye (San Francisco 49ers), Menelik Watson (Oakland Raiders) and Eric Wood (Buffalo Bills), through their paces at Hotspur Way.

Brad Friedel and Odell Beckham Jr
Image source tottenhamhotspur.com

Brad Friedel and Odel Beckham Jr
Image source tottenhamhotspur.com

The NFL players had a successful UK tour and practise session at Spurs’ training ground, and they all left with personalised Tottenham Hotspur shirts.

Odel Beckham Jr and Brad Friedel
Image source tottenhamhotspur.com

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